Assorted Salad Boxes


Assorted Salad Boxes

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To complete your dining plans you can choose from our hot meals range or just enjoy the salads with your own protein selection.

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Watermelon, pepita & feta salad, balsamic dressing 

Sweet potato, baby spinach, feta, semi dried tomato salad w/ pesto & white balsamic dressing 

Seasonal garden salad w/ french dressing 

Rocket, radicchio, grilled pear & parmesan salad w/ crème balsamic dressing 

Roast pumpkin, snow pea tendril, roasted bell pepper salad w/ honey olive dressing 

Roast beetroot, walnut, rocket & goats cheese salad w/ balsamic dressing 

Moroccan cous cous salad, dried fruits, sautéed vegetables & coriander 

Cauliflower rice, pistachio, raisins, red onion salad w/ curry mayonnaise 

Mexican mixed bean salad w/ sour cream 

Japanese soba noodle, wakame, snow peas, cherry tomato salad w/ soy sauce dressing 

Italian salami, pasta, basil, olives, cherry tomato salad w/ parsley olive oil 

Traditional greek salad w/ minted yoghurt labne

German potato salad w/ seeded mustard dressing 

Classic Caesar salad

Traditional coleslaw 

Asian slaw, sweet chili sauce 

Char grilled eggplant, semi dried tomatoes, spanish onions w/ cumin balsamic dressing 

Broccoli, bacon, dried date salad w/ mayonnaise 

White quinoa, green bean, tomato, shallot, coriander salad w/ chermoula dressing 

Steamed rice, apple, raisin, parsley salad 

Traditional tabouli salad 

Green Superfood Salad

Panzanella salad

Summer corn pasta salad

Middle Eastern fattoush salad

Tuna nicoise salad

Asian cashew noodle salad

Chicken Cobb salad

Spring quinoa salad

Moroccan pearl cous cous salad

Nordic potato salad